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Vintage Silk/Cotton Mask Kit With Filter Pocket: Red/Grey/Blue Pattern

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The full package! Each mask kit comes with:

- One mask, handmade in the San Francisco Bay Area with, on the front side, raw silk from the 1970s in red, grey, and blue stripes. Around your ears, comfortable elastic straps keep your mask in place. Against your face, new, white, 100 percent cotton fabric lines the mask, with the added bonus of a filter pocket for times when you need a little extra protection.

- One individually-wrapped PM 2.5 filter

- One back-of-the-head strap extender for additional comfort

- One adhesive metal nose bar, which you can bend to perfectly fit the bridge of your nose. They’re great for glasses wearers! (We suggest you sew your on with a few stitches once you place it so it’ll stay on during multiple washings.)

- Two adjustable silicone fit toggles to customize fit over the ears

- A canvas bag to keep the whole operation together

All our masks are handmade in Northern California with a combination of vintage (outside) and new (inside liner, filter pocket, and elastic straps) materials. We seek to be as sustainable as possible, to pay our workers a living wage, and to remain in operation during this unprecedented crisis. Every dollar you spend with us helps support small, independent business, and we're eternally grateful.